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InP HBT Wafer Foundry
InP HBT Wafer Foundry InP HBT Wafer Foundry InP HBT Wafer Foundry


GCS offers InP HBT processes, which enable very high speed mixed-signal ICs both for test instruments and for 40-100G Transimpedance Amplifiers (TIAs) used in optical fiber communication applications. Two generations (4 processes) of InP HBT technologies have been developed with Ft from 180 GHz to 300 GHz. Superior performance has been demonstrated by customers and qualified products have been in production since 2007.


Emitter Size   1umx3um 1umx3um 0.8umx3um 0.8umx3um
Typical operating current density Jc(typ) 1mA/µm2 1mA/µm2 2mA/µm2 2mA/µm2
Maximum operating current density Jc(max) 2mA/µm2 2mA/µm2 3mA/µm2 3mA/µm2
Typical operating voltage Vce 1V 1.5V 1.5V 1V
Base-collector breakdown voltage BVcbo 4V 8V 5.5V 4.5V
Collector-emitter breakdown voltage BVceo 3.5V 7V 4.5V 3.8V
Emitter-base breakdown voltage BVebo 2V 2V 2V 2V
Thermal resistance Rth 9.9C/mW 5.3°C/mW 5.3°C/mW 5.3°C/mW
fT (at Max allowed operating current)   180GHz 150GHz 250GHz 300GHz
fmax (at Max allowed operating current)   180GHz 150GHz 240GHz 250GHz


Passive Element Parameters Typical Value
TaN TFR Sheet Resistance (Ohm/sq) 50
MIM Unit Capacitance (fF/µm2) 0.38
MIM Capacitance Breakdown Voltage (V) -
Backside Vias Optional


InP HBT Wafer Foundry

60 GHz TIA (courtesy of SMDI)

InP HBT Wafer Foundry

90 GHz Static Divider
(courtesy of Inphi Corp.)